Month: November 2013

Say hello to my little friends!

As you’d know manufacturing has been powering along, and today I’m about to finalise my QC, and approve the manufacturing of 19,158 light bulbs. 1000 (Edison Screw) have been made already and I’m really happy with the end result. We finally get our FCC ID Thursday too, and with that, we have all the certifications needed in the key regions. Version one of the iOS app is complete and has been submitted for approval and the Android app early next week. We’ll let you know once they’re ready to download! The core functions will be in both apps, with an update to follow shortly after with whole kit and caboodle 😉

Our focus now shifts to the logistics: sequencing, line capacity, packaging, tracking numbers and delivery. At this stage it looks like the line is capable of producing 1,500 units per day. So during the course of the next two to three weeks – all items should be manufactured (less the GU10’s) and on their way. I’ll report back on accurate figures as they start rolling off – as I’m keen to see the day-to-day output and targets being met and providing each of you tracking numbers as your bulbs are ready. If you need your address changed, now’s the final chance to let us know! (By emailing:

In the meantime the over whelming feeling is one of relief and excitement. From Friday we’re shipping, and it’s a massive thank-you to each and everyone of you for your patience, support making this happen and the encouragement, questions and comments along the way!

Whilst this is a big day, it’s certainly not the last update from us by any means, there’s still lots of work to do on shipping, customer support, manufacturing the GU10’s and getting those to you, and of course batch two ships in the not too distant future. We’re also finishing off and releasing the hacker kit and SDK so we can start engaging with all the smart and eager developers that want to build cool stuff! So, no rest for the team just yet, but we’re all excited and have a fresh sense of purpose and energy now with this big box about to be ticked!

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