Production motoring along.

A quick update because it’s a flurry of activity at the moment between finalizing and submitting the apps; testing the bulbs on almost every router we can get our hands on; making last minute firmware updates; and gearing up for all the little things you need to think about pre-shipping. Paperwork, logistics, packaging, shipping you name it – it’s the convergence of 12 months hard work and that’s just here in the office!

The real action is happening in Shenzhen, with Marc overseeing all aspects of the manufacturing, and Shane building and programming the end of line test-gear and then flashing the firmware onto thousands of LIFX control boards ready for insertion into the bulbs as they come off the line. We’re still awaiting our FCC ID too, which is painful, as we need to print that on each and every bulb we send to the US. As you can imagine Uncle Sam closing his doors for 17 days has caused a backlog at FCC HQ, but we’re hopeful we’ll have this in the coming days.

Will keep you posted on this as soon as we hear something. The FCC ID doesn’t affect international backers. In the meantime, I’m off to Shenzhen Sunday with quite a few of LIFX team to get the first fully assembled units from the line; ensure QC standards are at a level we’re comfortable with, and all things going well start the shipping before the month ends. Will report back on the exact shipping process for distributing tracking numbers, and some more updates from Shenzhen, including FCC ID numbers, as well as news on the availability of both apps (iOS & Android) when they hit the respective stores.

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  1. way to go! I’m very thrilled hearing the great news.
    Looking forward to receiving the package already or tracking no…just to feel like it’s getting close…

    Keep up the good work!

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