Manufacturing begins!

Just wanted to let you know the good news that the certification wrestle is over!

All tests are now passed (pending paperwork) and we’ve started the manufacturing in earnest! Thousands of heat sinks have been forged this week and Marc is headed to China Thursday to oversee the set-up of the assembly line and installation of the end of line testing gear (more pictures to follow).

This means that as long as the paperwork all comes in as we expect and Marc’s happy with the end of line testing – the line begins, along with the rolling ship date. I’ll be joining Marc in China, so will come back with more photo’s of how it’s progressing, the exact ex-factory dates; and your tracking numbers!

In the meantime the apps are complete, and this week has mainly been about bug testing and finalising, and we’re submitting the iOS app on Thursday, with the Android app to follow very soon after. The firmware guys are even starting to feel the weight lifted too, with our soft launch / test day coming up early next week and most aspects looking under control – it’s a nice position to be in.


Whilst everyone else on the team has been working hard this week I’ve been spending a bit of time with a KBS, who came out to film a story about LIFX for the Korean version of 60 minutes. Strange, but fun, and lot of the questions gave me pause for thought on what an incredible year it’s been. We’re not done until we get these to you but we’re damn close now, and really grateful to you folks for being a part of it.



  1. Congratulations! I’m eagerly awaiting the Hacker SDK or any information at all about the proper API to control these bulbs. Lightbow is standing by to add support for LIFX, with engineering geared up, beta testers ready and waiting. All we need now is any tiny glimpse that the promise of an open developer API will be kept. I apologize for commenting here, it’s just that I’m extremely excited about supporting your project and all enquiries through official channels have failed. Help us help you!

  2. i’m blown away by how long ago i ordered this. i’m hoping it meets expectations but i’m so bummed after waiting this long.

  3. So… Does this mean that we might actually see bulbs on our doorsteps, this month. Last update I got was in August saying that shipping had slipped from September to October. Since then, nothing – not even in reply to a support email (#3969) – and we’re fast running out of October days for deliveries to show up in. Updates would be *really* appreciated

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