Ticking the boxes.

Just wanted to let you know that things are travelling smoothly on the certification and manufacturing front. We’ve since passed the factory’s in-house UL testing which has also been lodged for official lab verification.

The timeline is now mostly dictated by a third-party certification laboratory: we’re pushing hard that we’ll have the official nod of approval in the coming weeks. This could also be sooner, so we’ll share this news immediately as it comes to hand. Being cautious (as I’ve learnt to be through this process) I’d say 4 weeks to get all documentation. In the meantime, as we pass their sub-tests, the factory is readying the relevant, individual sub-assemblies for large-scale production e.g. heat sinks, plastic molding, LED heads.

Once we hit production, our output ramps up to 7,000 bulbs per week over the first four weeks- allowing us to get everyone’s (long awaited) order out quick smart.

On the software front, we’ve been working on functionality to allow direct control of a bulb via it’s own, inbuilt WIFI access point. Previously you’d connect directly to the bulb purely for the setup procedure of getting it to join your home/work WIFI network. This new feature will be handy if you don’t have a WIFI network (for whatever reason), and also gives us the peace of mind of having the ability to issue firmware updates directly from app to bulb.

Our other task has been ensuring app compatibility with the upcoming iOS 7 release from Apple and getting the apps into the app stores in the coming weeks. We’ve also started testing the API in a closed beta and will release more widely asap. On the business side, we’re about to start the retail discussions, as a lot of forward planning goes into this. Of course as backers you’ll get the bulbs first, and when the shipping has taken place and feedback has been received we’ll go deeper into the retail discussions. For now, it’s just making people aware we’re close, certification is nearing completion and manufacturing is about to start.

WIFI and mesh radio test setup in the certification lab’s anechoic chamber

Huzzah! EMC and Radio tests all in acceptable range.

The 200 control boards needed for the certification and sample test process.

Marc getting his hands dirty with the certification batch. 

GU10 prototype ready for certification post A21 certification.