Month: August 2013

Certification and a video update.

Hi folks,

Thanks for your patience while we’ve put this update together. It’s been a busy few weeks with the certification underway.

As in the last update the CE, UL and FCC are all underway – and so far the only change we’ve had to make was to an antenna on our control board for FCC which we’ve since fixed. This doesn’t add time to the schedule as it was within the window for UL certification. So on this front we’re keeping our fingers crossed as it’s the nervous period for us and one we’re looking forward to getting through without making too many changes.

In the meantime we haven’t been sitting around idly. Marc and I spent the past month in Shenzhen setting up the end-of-line process. This is the automated process for testing the control boards; installing the firmware; calibrating the colors; inserting the NSA chips (jokes) and turning ordinary bulbs into smart bulbs.

The other major undertaking for us of late has been getting groups of bulbs performing well across the mesh network. As you’d know, this month is the first month we’ve had a large number of factory bulbs on hand so we’ve been heavily testing all aspects of a multi-bulb set-up and ensuring they perform well.

At first the performance was awful so for the past few weeks Shane, Barney and the team have done an amazing job of getting it to a level of quality we’re happy with. Here’s a quick video of a multi-bulb set-up in action.

So we’re getting close now. The pieces are all in place and we’ll continue to test and improve the performance of the software stack and will be releasing the API soon. In the meantime we’re hanging tight on the certification and will keep you updated on the progress. Once this phase is complete we’ll have a firm shipping timeline, release the apps and get your bulbs to you! After that, I might take a week off, drink a Pina Colada and get back to some of the retailers that have been stalking my LinkedIN profile 😉