Tooling begins, app demo [video] and batch two opens!

It’s been a pretty massive week here at LIFX, and imagine you’re feeling like us right now, thank religious-entity it’s Friday.

I arrived back from Shenzhen on Sunday afternoon after giving the factory the green light on tooling, and on Monday set a major deadline this week to get the LIFX stack to a point that was easy to demonstrate and show the factory prototype in action.

So, in the spirit of “show don’t tell” I thought it’s time to put together a video update to show you where we’re at.

As you can see things are getting pretty interesting on the development side and our factory is gearing up for production.

We’ve also locked in firm production schedules for our second batch – now available for pre-order and September delivery.

Cheers for following, let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or any queries about batch two logistics- you should have received your email requesting shipping details by now- please contact us if not!

I’ll be back in China in four weeks time to pick-up the first 500 right off the line.


  1. why it is costing 75$ for each bulb now where before it was 50$ for each bulb……..
    i am big fan of this bulb and i want to try it .if it costing 75$ per bulb then philis hue is less costly then this lifx…..i live in india..and i have pay 75$ +10$ shipping for each bulb ……..not happy with this change in cost of price…….waiting from long time……….

    1. I agree I can’t afford to pay 80 per bulb. 50 or even closer to 60 you’d have another order of at least 4 bulbs but I can’t do 70 or 80….

    2. It was only $49/ea if you pledged $490 or more for 10 bulbs on the Kickstarter. I think it’s fair that the first Kickstarter backers get a better price.

    3. My understanding about “price changes” many have commented on in various places is that the initial lower prices offered for Kickstarter backers (which was actually only $10 less per bulb unless you ordered enough to qualify for bulk discounts) were an incentive for investors willing to support an idea as it became a product. It was never intended to be the actual retail price.

      As Kickstarter made clear after LIFX’s insanely amazing success, that platform is /not/ astore but a fundraising site ~ contributors must understand there is risk involved (not all of the ideas are actually able to make it into prodcts, there are a million+ things that could go wrong!) Offering special incentives help encourage investors to make that risk when a company /needs/ money to get to the next stage.

      While I understand comparisons to the Hue (& admit I became tempted myself after waiting since the day /after/ the Kickstarter campaign closed early) to say it “costs less” doesn’t seem fair. The Hue requires $200 to start at all (since you need the “bridge” to connect bulbs to the internet). It’s a /huge/ company that can afford to offer a lower price per unit than a brand-new start-up (though I’m fairly surprised how expensive /it/ is, lol) Furthermore, the output of light for the Hue is significantly less than LIFX (would post specifics, but typing this on my phone, lol)

      I’m tired of waiting, also, & can’t really afford this price point (esp as a single mom & student!) but am super excited about the concept (have used progressive light alarm clocks for 20 years, full spectrum bulbs, dimmers, & a variety of remotes, lol) & would rather dig change out of the couch cushions for this than: cable tv, eating out, new clothes/shoes, or a million other things that a lot of folks don’t think twice about 😉

  2. Ordered my lifx bulb an hr after you released the second batch! I’m just wondering why the units sold counter is gone. I enjoyed checking back to see how many were left.

  3. Hi… as for applications, I would like to set up a custom motion sensor lighting system using lifx for my home. Do you have any leads on reasonably priced wifi motion sensors? I am coming up short after extensive google searching. Most seem to be non-wifi and/or very expensive.

    I just want some battery powered wifi motion sensor gizmo that sends a webservice POST to a configured URL whenever it’s activated. Something like that must be out there somewhere.

  4. Hi. Just ordered your Lifx bulb. It is expensive but offers the best solution to automate my house lights without the need for wires just like WEMO. My only comment is your decision to charge customers in advance when you can’t promise with certainty the shipping date for the second batch. I have funded a lot of kickstarter programs that went into limbo. This is hoping that this is not another hole in my wallet.

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