Good to be back.

We touched down Saturday in Hong Kong, made our way back to Shenzhen and have been diving right back into production since Monday. It’s fun to be back, and you almost don’t realise how close you’ve become with a team until you see them again after being away.

Taxi's were hard to find in Hong Kong but somehow we managed.

Taxi’s were hard to find in Hong Kong but somehow we seemed to manage alright.

After a few tea’s with John (the factory owner) we started to discuss the roadmap for the next few weeks and locking in some choices like bulb colors, types of finishing and most importantly the GU10/Downlight.

The trickiest aspect with the downlight is because you have a smaller space to work with, naturally the heat sink is smaller, and as you’ll know from following along heat is our big enemy. The other tricky part is we have to fit all the LIFX technology including control board into a smaller space! The good news however is that the world’s most popular downlight is a 50w (~600 lumen) rather than our 900+ lumen standard bulb.

The reason for this is that down lights are often installed in greater numbers than standard lights. If you’ve got down lights at home, say in the Kitchen, you’ll know exactly what we mean. So with this in mind, we realised the heat sink won’t have to be as big, and that the GU10, doesn’t have to be as bright as the A21 bulb you’ve all seen. We don’t have exact lumens yet, our goal is to 50w which I’m sure we’ll be able to exceed!

This also means when you receive the backer survey you’ll be able to select not only the color of your LIFX bulb, but the type you want. The A21 or the GU10 downlight.

Working with the team on the GU10 downlight design and CAD, before prototyping.

Working with the team on the GU10 downlight design and CAD, before prototyping.

While we’re on the topic of colors, after the survey it’s been decided that the choices will be Pearl White & Gun Metal Grey, which you’ve seen renders but we’ll show you the finished versions of soon. Guy and I even headed to a paint factory nearby today to look all the finishes available and the exact colors we’ll use to create the finish.

In the meantime too, we’ve managed to navigate the tricky process of getting a local sim cards as roaming was becoming a pain, and even managed to get a glimpse of the Children’s umbrella manufacturing business they had going on as a sideline project.

The challenging process of buying a local sim card.

The Sim Card shop also makes and sells umbrellas for Children.

So, all in all, it’s early days into our visit here and I’m keen to get my hands on the solid works prototype of the A21 design this week, and start thermal testing on this GU10 design, but happy with the progress so far.

On the ground this time are myself, Guy, Jake, Dan and Marc and I’m starting to feel like the tour guide as we navigate our way around. It’s great to have a big part of our team here which enables us to get more done, and take ridiculous photo’s of me drinking what I thought was Strawberry Milk, but found out it was Coogee.

Not strawberry milk, but not bad!

Cheers LIFX’ers!


  1. Will the survey let us mix and match both colors and types if we have backed (not ordered, remember Kickstarter isn’t a store *rolls eyes*) a reward level for more than 1?

  2. Could you please release the details of the GU10 version as soon as possible ?! Though the connection of GU10 is standardized, the rest of the lamp is certainly not. I desperately need the complete dimensions of the product for a furniture project. Thank you so much!

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