Production and delivery schedule

Having been back in Melbourne a little while now we’re preparing the next trip to Shenzhen and preparing ourselves to start the full production run. I can’t wait to get back on the plane, because it’s really the business end now and when we’re on site, at the factory, the ability to collaborate directly makes things happen a lot more efficiently

The major news for now though is that our delivery estimate is being extended. Our KickStarter estimate was March 2013 but now a May shipping date is most likely based on our timeline, with slight delays incurred by the new design, Chinese New Year, and the scale of the project exceeding our initial expectations compounding to create this delay.
We won’t mince words, it’s disappointing to be behind schedule, but for those following the blog and the updates you’ve got a clear window into exactly what we’re working on and our focus on getting things right.
That being said it’s a fine balance and the updated schedule gives us the balance between delivering an amazing product, and getting it to you in a timely manner.
We’d have published this sooner, but wanted to ensure that the factory and all aspects of our internal team were committed to and capable of meeting the schedule, the schedule includes our GU10 downlight which we’ll reveal the designs of shortly.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 12.01.49 PM

Since the last update we’ve been focused on working through every element of the software and firmware, including the LIFX cloud, and now the app and ensuring that the firmware and the app are working together smoothly.
Last week I set our team a tight deadline to have a controllable version of the solid works prototype that we showed in our last update, which is now an alpha version of the app we’ll walk you through shortly. The app is intuitive, fun to use, and a real credit to Ben, Nathan, Mike and the team. We can’t wait to reveal it shortly.

We also wanted to thank everyone that’s voted in the color survey thus far. After 2937 votes, Pearl White, is certainly the front-runner but the rest of the results are quite close.

Our thoughts at this stage are to produce two alternate colors with one white, and the other  to be decided upon in the coming days. It’s a tricky decision, so we’d welcome any further comments or input.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 10.42.33 PM

Ben and Guy getting their arts and craft on in some packaging design.

Ben and Guy getting their arts and craft on in some packaging design workshop.

The next update will be from Shenzhen after we land on Saturday and get the first consumer ready prototype from the team at the factory. It’s an exciting milestone, and a culmination of the hard-work so far. You’ll also receive an email in the coming days requesting your address, the types of bulbs you want, and the colors. All in all, we’re getting there, and this is the home straight but as you can see there are still a few important boxes to tick before we get the world’s best lightbulb to you.


  1. Little bummer about shipping date.. but june it is! That way it will be my birthday gift:)
    When we get an email for our shipping address, can we buy additional units? I could only get inscription for 1 bulb after someone else cancelled his backing.. Would like to show it off at work too and experiment with colors.. Now that would be a nice compensation for the delay!:)

  2. Hi Phil,

    Just wan to say say good luck with everything. I can just imagine the amount of work you have. Is it possible to let me know if you would be interested in appointing us as distributors for Africa?

    Thank you


  3. Hey,

    For those of us who missed the Kickstarter, what is the likely availability for being able to purchase/preorder some bulbs? Any idea (loosely) when they would begin shipping?

  4. Take your time with testing and don’t rush things. Be driven by quality rather than targets dates.

    Looking forward to getting them though !

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