Final design, factory prototype, 900+ lumens.

We arrived back in Melbourne over the weekend, bleary eyed, tired, but incredibly excited with how close we now are to production. I took the weekend off, spent time with the wife and kids and tasted some good coffee for the first time in weeks, first world problem I know, but the Hot Ovaltine I’d be using as a substitute wasn’t quite cutting it.

Back in Melbourne with the first factory prototype now in hand and the big decisions made, our next trip to Shenzhen will focus on minor design tweaks and producing the second factory prototype, which is (all things going well) the consumer ready version of the LIFX smart bulb.

And, we can finally reveal that the bulb will look very much like the one below.


Function has totally informed this design – enabling a whopping 900+ lumens output whilst simultaneously keeping the advanced electronics cool enough to operate efficiently. On that note we’re actually super happy with the magic Ben and Nathan have worked on the design to create this sleek, distinctive look.
We’ve narrowed the color/finish selection down to four main candidates (see below) and we’d now like to ask our KickStarter backers to help us select the final production finish via an online poll. (See update).

Colors options L to R. Matt Black, Dark Silver, Gun Metal Grey & Pearl White

It’s an exciting time because we now not only have the design, but the control board complete and the new firmware and the app both nearing completion.

The design we’ve chosen blends the aesthetics of what we feel the reinvention of the lightbulb should look like, but with the practicalities of giving you brightness that means it isn’t just a mood light, it’s a realistic replacement to CFL’s, or incandescents.

The design is also a shift away from the basic LED bulbs that mirror traditional bulbs. From what we’ve seen, skimping on the heatsink leads to “running hot” – diminishing the lifespan of the bulb as well as reducing the potential lumen output.


To show the previous factory prototype (that you saw a sneak peak of in the last update) I recorded a little video of it running a demo sequence last night.

The bulb is just a solid works prototype, and it’s not the sexy new design, and I talk through some of the things we’re still testing but we hope you like seeing it in action.

PS. For those who asked- the new underwear is going great. Just in time for Valentine’s Day too!


  1. You guys should have all 4 finishes available and let people choose. Depending on the fixture they are going in and how visible the bulb may be this could be the difference between it being aesthetically pleasing or not so much.

    1. I would agree here. However for the sake of having the product finished and shipped in time…I’m having a hard time choosing between the Gun Metal Gray and the Pearl White. They both look sharp! With every new update tho’ I’m getting more and more excited! Thanks for the update guys!

    2. for production purposes it would be hard but i’m all for it… the best would be black and pearl white

  2. Ideally have it available in all the finishes. But if only one were available I’d opt for white as that will work with most lamps.

  3. I hope before shipment you could still let us add some extra bulbs, would that be possible? I don’t mind receiving the extras a bit late, but sure want all the colours as a collection! 🙂

  4. Great work guys! Will there be a GU10 down light equivalent or do the dimensions of the head match the size of a gu10 lamp that way you could then use an adapter?

  5. This is a brilliant aesthetic design, and something that definitely makes it worth waiting for, rather than giving in and buying the rather pedestrian Philips Hue. It’s a design that would make Jon Ive fizz with anticipation.

    It makes one think that if Apple were half as innovative as they say they are, they’ll be approaching you guys soon to provide this product in their stores over the Philips bulbs.

    Can’t wait for these bulbs to hit the broader market…

  6. Greeting inventors! I have been following your project since early in your kickstarter days. I have to say I was very excited about this concept, and the effects it could have on my industry, film. Unfortunately I had no money to invest and won’t have the opportunity to test these products until they are on the consumer market. Your most recent post has me a bit worried. In my business I am a gaffer responsible for lighting film sets. We are constantly having to replace practical light bulbs in interior lighting set ups and our bulbs only last about 200 hours. Also there is a considerable color difference between wattages. I was hoping your product would save us much needed time and money. However, the new proposed design will be unusable for classic and contemporary light fixtures as most viewers are used to seeing a round globe with omnidirectional light. I need a round bulb that can change output and color temp. I feel like you may be limiting your market.
    Let me know your thoughts please as I really am looking forward to this luxury
    Branden maxham

    1. If you look at the “on” picture, you can clearly see a 6-point star pattern of diffused light. Regarding someone’s aesthetic inability to deal with a “non-bulb”, please tell your industry to stop catering to the lowest common denominator, this is called “progress”. They should read the book “Who Moved My Cheese?”

  7. I was about to purchase 12 Phillips LED (expected to last 15 years apparently) bulbs for my theater room…. When can I expect this bulb to be released? Should I wait or replace in 15 years LOL? What entry price are you expecting?

  8. Don’t forget to check that the bulb doesn’t produce any ultrasound… I used to have a Philips Ambilight and it was impossible to focus because the led bulb was noisy!
    Very nice design, by the way!

  9. Lifex, your final design is FANTASTIC ! All 4 finishes are great. I personaly, love the black one!!!
    For the moment, in my appartment, I’m using only spot/flod halogene bulbs. The day you guys get one out on the market, I’ll go crazy ! I’m pretty excited ! Great job !!! : )

    1. a del version of a spot or flood is what i mean, I hope you understood. your lifx is still the nicest bulb ever made !!!!

  10. Kick Starter Project #2 is a replacement Wall Switch / Scene Setter that talks Wifi as well? Would seem like the next step. Acts as an always on switch but allows dimming and scene settings? Your product has sooooo many potential options for expansion! As soon as these are out gotta get going on the next set of items! Can’t wait to score a few!

  11. Love all four colours! Given one choice I will choose pearl white. Sad that I missed out on your initial kickstarter launch. Hope you will begin to market the LED lights soon. I will be needing at least 8 for my home.

    1. Sorry to copy you Jeff but you couldn’t have said it any better ! : Love all four colours! Given one choice I will choose black. Sad that I missed out on your initial kickstarter launch. Hope you will begin to market the LED lights soon. I will be needing at least a dozen for my app.

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