Watching the line

[Guest post by Jake]

As all the manufacturing staff were packing up ready to head home for the evening, 5 of us stood huddled around a monitor watching a tiny red line creep up the screen.  The moment we saw the line level out, smiles broke out across our faces. The line represented the temperature level for the LIFX bulb under simulation testing and we had come in under the cap.

The day started with breakfast in the hotel dining room as the 3 of us ran over what we needed to achieve for the day.  Then it was off to the factory to look at the simulation tests from the heat sinks.  Under simulated conditions the bulb was still running a little hot and required some adjustments to get it down to the required level.  Whilst Marc met with the power supply team, Phil and I ran through all the different possibilities for bringing the temperature down.

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Chen (the CAD designer) dragged him computer into the meeting room for the afternoon so we could tune the design as we went along. The solution? We ended up slightly modifying the design to increase the size of the heat sink, relative to the enclosure.

We ended the day on a bit of a high and looking forward to more of the same tomorrow.


  1. Thanks guys, for sharing your process. I know that I already have more appreciation for the finished product by reading this blog.
    Even though you are super focused on the bulb, how is your experience going otherwise?

  2. Just last night I learned something new about the light bulb in general and I wanted to make sure it was taken into consideration.
    Basicly I am asking if your bulb was tested upside down because simply, heat rises and im guessing your heat sink is below the light, turning it upside down would cause the heat sink to become hotter, thus causing bulbs that are labled to last seven years, only last one.

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