High Tech Day

We had a very productive day full of high tech. We “touched and felt” the first factory prototype of the outer casing this morning and spent an hour reviewing the fine points of this design from both an aesthetic and technical point of view. We then set about making minor adjustments to the design from the decisions in our discussion and the factory CTO ran the latest CAD file through the thermal simulation test in Solid Works.

Overall it looks like we are going to achieve a very bright bulb, more than 800 lumens (fingers crossed). The LED head design layout has been finalized and sent away to be made into a production prototype. It should be back in 2 days time ready to put into the casing.

Marc’s working hard on putting programmable headers on the LIFX control board to send back to the team so we can create the firmware setup environment using the LIFX control boards.Β He’s also supervising the power supply LED driver functional board and helping Jacky layout the condensed version of the power supply ready for insertion into the bulb casing.

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  1. Was wondering if these bulbs will have the capability of being used as light therapy. I have just started doing research on it to find a way to get my sleep schedule in tune with traditional hours. Thanks, and keep up the solid work!

    1. We haven’t gone deep into this yet, and certainly aren’t experts in the health properties but from casual reading it seems like a really interesting area and one that is worth exploring further.

  2. From the design images I’m seeing in the photos, the lamps look like the current crop of designs with most of the body being heatsink and a hemispherical crown containing the LEDs at the top.

    Are designs being considered for lamps with an all-round distribution of LEDs – for lighting applications such as upright installations set low in a room such as table lamps where it may not be desirable to have all (most) of the light aimed at the ceiling. Notwithstanding the need for appropriate heatsinks, of course.

    1. Version one will be a crown formation, yes, future versions may alter this design to an all-round distribution. We’re spending a lot of time and effort getting the diffusion as effective as possible though.

  3. Great to see things in action. We can’t wait to play with the actual product. Any plans in sharing us some early prototypes of the programmability features of this beauty?

  4. The transparency you and your team continue to show in developing this possibility-enabling product could be an inspiration to many mired by the witting and unwitting suppression of innovation and synergistic collaboration. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Looking cool, as LED’s are want to do.
    DO you think we will be able to get a working prototype of the UI to control a virtual lamp on our phone/tablet for evaluation purposes prior to getting the real deal?

  6. While I invested in your Kickstarter venue a long time ago (or so it seems): i had to go out and spend almost $300 on the Philips Hue thingy. Not a bad experience, if somewhat expensive having to buy 3 at once. How will your (our?) product be different?

  7. Hey thanks for keeping us so close to your progress. As you mentioned, some of your updates are helpful for people with ideas to understand how the factory progress in China works. Thanks for including that side! That being said, if you don’t mind and it’s not a secret, are you able to share which company/factory you’re working with in Shenzhen?

    Also, I can’t wait to see how LIFX comes up. Every new update and video makes me pretty giddy!

  8. Thanks for the opportunity to at least get a glimpse of the hard work and mental haranguing that you and your amazing team are going through. All I can say is that I for one am excited by the thought that this revolutionary idea is on the verge of being a commercial reality πŸ™‚ The effect of being able to endlessly customise your home’s atmosphere to shape our own (and our visitors) moods is a true gift. Cheers Phil!

  9. I had a thought and figured I’d pass it on for your consideration during the development of the API.

    My lounge room has two lights on the same switch circuit. While great to be able to program each light individually, it would also be great to ‘group’ lights logically so that a statement sent to the group would affect all lights assigned to the group.

    Just a thought.


    1. You should be able to operate them totally independently. Each build will have a unique ID. You’ll probably have to leave the switch on the wall set “on” so that the bulbs get power all the time. I think that’s how the competing products are doing it.

      1. Thanks for reply though I think you mis-understood my suggestion (I probably did not express correctly as I wrote above message, as well as this one using my phone).

        I accept all should be independently operated and leave power switch on but…

        Say I want to program both lounge room lights to blink on and off together; I would not want to write:

        repeat {On(1);On(2);Off(1);Off(2);}

        [given this is bad example as it is small, but imagine a very complex routine that needs to be done on multiple lights simultaneously].

        If I could group them; I could reference the group and be sure that however complex the routine, they would stay in synch.

        For example:
        Group(1,2) as Group1;

        [Obviously I do not know the API so I am writing Pseudo and this functionality may already be available or on the feature list].


  10. will you ship international (india). i am big fan of you product.Waiting from long time to launch.
    I now it going to be the fabulous experience while using your product.For a test i will try 2 bulb.
    If it work as per show .I will order in lot.Thinking to become Distribution………..

  11. I want to agree with the comments already left here stating the appreciation for the updates and the transparency. good work and looking forward to getting my hands on a few of these. I do have a question about the mesh networking –

    I current;y have a Sonos system in my house and I know they are also doing a mesh network. Is there any way to look into their API and see if you guys are compatible? I think it wouldbe AMAZING to be able to have my controller be able to match lighting with the music I choose…

    Again, thanks for all the hard work!


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