Marc (and the control boards) arrive.

Marc arrived last night and we all met together in the hotel room for morning coffee and a planning meeting for our day at the factory. We opened the meeting with our expectations and requirements for the week and got down to business. Marc broke off with Fellow and Jacky to talk PCB LED drivers while Jake and I went on a tour of the factory floor with John (factory owner) and Sophia. Jake’s been jealous that Marc and I got to wear the train driver hats on the last visit and finally he got his turn.

I was able to spend some time with John talking details about the current state of play and future of the LED industry. He’s had 23 years experience in the lighting industry and I was grateful he could share some of his insights with me.
The LIFX control boards arrived in finished form and we look forward to fitting them into the finished factory prototype by the end of the week.
We shared lunch with the team and left the factory so they could action the decisions and tasks we agreed on in the morning. There’s always a fine balance of meetings and discussions and implementation of the decisions. Sometimes it’s best to leave some space for others to get things done. I expect it’s going to be a big day tomorrow with plenty of action and machines making things. Can’t wait!!
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