Downtown Shenzhen

Jake and I headed into downtown Shenzhen. Out of the meeting yesterday I decided to get a few LED component supplies to give us some extra options when we begin making the factory prototype on Monday. These included a few types of RGB COB chips and a variety of different color temperature white LEDS. Once we found the LED market building and located the correct stall (one of about 600) we grabbed what we needed and checked out the rest of downtown Shenzhen.

Shenzhen is an electric city. A cross between modern China and a large scale manufacturing hub with a mash of western styled products and stores. Not hard to get lost in for a few hours. Managed to get a couple of local sim cards from China Mobile with 1GB of data for about $50US each and found a complete floor of a building with 60 high end hifi stores back to back. Audiophile heaven.

Now its back to the hotel to get some rest before a big day tomorrow.

thumbnail-2 thumbnail-3 thumbnail-4


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