First afternoon at the factory

Arrived at the factory at lunchtime and was met at the front desk by Sophia, the factory’s project coordinator. She said that we could start the meeting in half an hour when everyone was back from lunch and then offered to get me some McDonalds because I hadn’t had lunch. lol.

Meeting kicked off after lunch with a detailed discussion about how we are going to fit the power supply of such a bright bulb into the compact space inside the bulbs housing. “It’s a challenge” Jacky, the electronics lead engineer and director said “but we have some new methods we are working on to make sure the bulb will have the right amount of power so LIFX will be as bright as you want it be, Phil.” We then proceeded to talk about the details and judging by the ideas we discussed I can confirm these people are very clever and will utilize their years of experience making LED bulbs for some of the worlds leading brands to make sure LIFX is as bright as possible.
When then spent the next 3 hours talking about all aspects of the design, thermal management requirements, prototyping schedule, manufacturing schedule, managing the who does what and who connects with who to make sure we’ll have an efficient working relationship. Different experts kept dropping into the meeting to ask me specific question and the general manager also stopped in for a while and I was able to show him the Kickstarter video and some of our prototype designs. It was amazing to see a team of this calibre that have years of experience delivering tens of millions of LED bulbs into the market exhibit and almost child like excitement about LIFX. “You are truly revolutionizing the LED lighting industry, Phil.” Sophia remarked.


  1. sounds great, interesting product placement on the desk, maybe you should get a McDonalds endorsement, or even better, get them committed to switch over to lifx lighting in their food emporiums?

  2. *****You went to China and you ate McDonalds??? Are you crazy??*****

    (That doesn’t mean I don’t like what you are doing with the light bulbs!! Looking forward to your first shipment!!)

  3. Make sure that you have a PSU that can give the globe the “REAL” life of the LED’s !, spec the electrolytics to 125’C or even better use a ceramic if you can !!.

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