Off to Shenzhen

Left the office, got to the airport and boarded our flight to Hong Kong only to be stuck on the tarmac for three hours. Could have been annoying but Jake and I found there was plenty to talk about. Expectations, schedules, how the LIFX team is going, what’s happening in the world of start ups, the broken state of the education system, where do ideas come from and how collaboration improves a good idea, does Elon Musk really own an island? Kinda normal topics of conversation at LIFX when given a chance.

Flight was great. Back of the plane basically empty so got to stretch out across four seats and catch some sleep.

On the last trip to Shenzhen Marc and I got six month Chinese visas at the Hong Kong airport. For those interested its super easy to organise- there are counters just opposite McDonalds and you fill in a simple form and pay the fee. Only thing to plan for is you have to wait about 6 hours for it to get processed offsite somewhere.
Marc and I also realized its easier to organise a car from Hong Kong airport to take you across the border into Shenzhen and onto your destination than navigating the transport system and border crossings via the train and buses. It costs around $30US for the 90 minute trip. I’ll be heading off soon for Shenzhen to meet with the factory CTO while Jake hangs out in Hong Kong for the day waiting for his visa to be processed. As I left he was sitting in a cafe using the free WiFi at Hong Kong airport to catch up on some emails and get stuff done.

Not feeling too jet lagged yet.

Not feeling too jet lagged yet.

Jake wondering why Google Docs won't work in China.

Jake wondering why Google Docs won’t work in China.


On the road to Shenzen.

On the road to Shenzen.

image 2


  1. Hi guys, nice to see hat you’re having fun in Asia. What I’d like to ask you is, how your product is doing? And could you please tell me the difference to other WLAN bulbs like the “Philips hue”? It has been on the market for some time now. When are you going to launch sales? And will there be a unique feature to LIFX that makes it superior.

  2. I didn’t fund this project because I wanted to purchase a couple lightbulbs. I funded this project because I wanted to believe someone other than a multinational corporation could pull this off. I have no idea how the product is doing, but I know you’re working as hard as you can. Keep it up!

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